13 July 2016

I deeply deeply care, but frankly...

I've been running this meetup group for over five years. I organise content, speakers and venues. People get fed a steady diet of instructive experiences that help them grow as professionals.

But sometimes I get busy and sometimes I can't pull it together. For two years I have run a series of activities designed to attract and install a backup collection of people (alternatives to me)  in this meetup community. And I have failed to build redundancy to my key man role.

Some people would find that rewarding; that they are important to the continued existence of a community. Me? I find it annoying.

I am not that special. Anyone could do what I do. It is not technically hard. All it requires is caring about others. And a small bit of admin time.

And so this community degrades because others fail to step in to the awaiting leadership roles.

Fuck you people. Lift your goddamm game.

No wonder workplaces are so full of mediocrity. It's you guys being mediocre.

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