16 June 2016

Webinar: Project Portfolio Management

Once I was asked to audit a portfolio of projects in a large IT organization. I asked the project managers, the dev managers, test leads, the business analysts and the business sponsors and stakeholders what they were looking for from their IT projects and how they felt the project was going.

One thing that came from that was a realization that people in different roles have different ideas about what success looks like. And this view shifts people expectations and behaviors. When I had done with the audit I don't know if I found a single project with everyone aligned on the goals, let alone views on how the project was doing.

From that point on I have kept my eyes and ears open to this risk. I have found it to be pervasive in what I'll call "process oriented' companies.

As the years went on I found myself running project portfolios, and setting up portfolio management systems. I ended up with more than one portfolio management book on my bookshelf. I was even sent a PMO book with a note of thanks from the authors for some of the ideas shared on this blog.  

I am still in some ways managing project portfolios today, and I remain focused on shared understanding of goals as one of, if not THE most important thing to attend to. This alone is not a trivial task.

Yesterday I was contacted by Isidora from a PMO oriented start-up called ITM Platform and she asked me to promote a webinar they are running. She referenced Kanban in her pitch, which makes it interesting to me. It's on at a time I will not be able to make. Maybe I'll check for a recorded version later. Maybe you can help and drop comments here.

Here is the promotion

FREE WEBINAR with ITM PLATFORM: Set up a Project Portfolio Management Organization.
ITM Platform has implemented our project management solution in over 300 organizations. And want to share the lessons they have learned with you to help you develop and improve your project-oriented organization.
What you will see during 45 min?

  • Design of a project-driven organization.
  • Change Management.
  • Basic Configuration of ITM Platform.

When? JUNE 16th at 10 am (Boston, Eastern Tine Zone)
How to register? Click Here: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/regist…/9108160085963125507

If you register I will perhaps get $1. So I have a big incentive to get you to sign up. What I would prefer is that you guys pass back what you learn in the comments. If you do that I'll donate their payment to a charity that my sister recommends.

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