11 March 2016

Am I doing a good job? Some tips on getting feedback.

Maybe you have a performance review coming up? Maybe you want to work as part of a community of practice to improve your game?

Where do you look for tips and advice?

Blogs with discussions on how a role should be played? These will be useful data points but are based upon someone else's experience. It's valuable. But only so much as asking an experience person who has never stepped into your office and met you team or customers.

Consultants with frameworks that look across organisations? Useful to see what the industry is doing, and you may get some good tips.  But following consultant frameworks is a recipe for regression to the mean. It's useful if you are a low performing organisation, but if you are better than average, do you really want to shift your performance towards the middle?

Potentially the best place to get feedback (and many people are going to say 'of course!') is your own local context.

Here is a quick map of some places you could get ideas. All you need to do is make time and go ask a few people how things are going in relation to your work.

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