7 April 2015

Reponse to "What do you do with "that' employee"

I was referred to "What do you do with "that' employee" as an interesting article to look at.

The article targets managers who are trying to work with high performing misfits. THe fundamental idea in the model is a 2x2 matrix based on effectiveness and attitude.

I found the article's premise fundamentally flawed.  Effectiveness and attitute are not the right aspects to contrast.


  • Demings notion of 95% of work output is derived from the system rather than  the individual contribution. 
  • Management's job is to faciloiate the right environment to enable people to flourish in ways that are beneficial to customers, the company and the community of workers. 
  • There is great diversity in people and that diversity helps new ideas take hold and create the future. 
The last thing you want is a room full of pople who compliantly follow the leaders. That's what this attitute - effectiveness matrix dismisses.  This sort of simplistic analysis leads to answering the wrong question. What you might be looking for (if you want a 2x2 model) is insight into Unity of goals  vs. Unity of approach.

By thinking about whether we are aligned in purpose we can then set to work on separating our concerns, or doubling down on solving things together. By determining whether we belive in common methods we can determine whether we should appraoch problems from a competing based approach (ie independently solving) to a collaboration one.

With respect to the author, the argument is flawed and proper consideration shuld be given to the context and the problems you are trying tosolve before you argue models like the one presented.

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