1 July 2014

Why good management ideas fail

The Schneider Culture model is popular in agile circles these days to talk about why certain agile approaches and methods work better than others in different organisational contexts.

To understand the model it is worth taking the time to go beyond Wikipedia and go read Bill's writings directly. One useful article is core to this discussion;

Why Good Management Ideas Fail - Understanding Your Corporate Culture

A diagram that I found particularly interesting in this article talks to what practices play to the strengths of what cultural styles. I present it here for your observation.

Perhaps you'd like to look at it and reflect on what agile methods and practices live in which quadrant, and whether in fact these methods easily slide into one domain or live in different domains.

I have used this in some team building and training workshops and come at this from the perspective that people's own world view will colour their answers as much as any facts about tools and techniques.

For example, where does visualizing work live? Is it about getting control, collaborating, or mastery? I suspect the answer is not embedded in visualizing, but in what problem or opportunity you are addressing.

Anyway, I'd love to hear your ideas on this model; where do you live personally in this matrix, is it the same place as your team? What about the broader organization? And given that, where do your agile methods live?

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