9 July 2014

Six Thinking Hats and Scrum, July 23 Bangalore

Edward de Bono came up with the idea of "Thinking Hats" as a metaphor for different ways of thinking in the mid 1980's.

What can thinking differently do to your understanding of Scrum and the way you work? 

I have run this workshop activity several times with Scrum teams and Agile Meetup Groups and people always find new ideas and get new energy for improving the way their team works.

This session is designed to give you two outcomes;

  1. A tool to take back and run with your team that will generate new energy and enthusiasm for improving the way you work 
  2. Through participating in the workshop you will personally gain new insights and ideas about what you can do to help your team improve. 
I will be applying the six thinking Hats meme to Scrum, as it is a common and known framework for working, but you can apply this to any system of working.

If you are interested in this activity and in Bangalore on 23 July you are welcome to join us.

Sign up via Meetup.com here.

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