17 December 2013

Four Big Agile frameworks you should know

I present to you a list of links to agile frameworks that address scale, multiple teams and complex environments.
After reading these I realise I have my own model I can add into the mix. Unfortunately for the world I don't have much free time to write it down. Let's see of Christmas holidays give me an opportunity...

Please take the time to read these frameworks which all purport to be tested successful frameworks for managing multiple teams in an agile way.

Before adopting any one consider how change works and reflect on whether you want to go whole hog, and have an organisational revolution, or whether you want to take smaller steps and adapt change in an incremental and focused way. For that you could consider David Anderson's Kanban Method, or Martin Kearns and Andrea Tomasini's Agile Transitions booklet.

Thanks to John Ogden for pointing me to Peter Stevens blog which has a good post on the topic.

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