4 September 2013

The People's Scrum by Tobias Mayer

I think this book by Tobias is beautifully written. There is real craftmanship in the prose here.

The book is made up of independent self contained stories and reflections on various themes related to the Agile Software Development movement. Each one is a parable seeking to impart some of Tobias' wisdom onto the reader.

Hopefully people will be open to the ideas. It isn't for beginners or for people who think agility is about technical excellence alone. It is about values and mindsets and the way we choose to live.

Some of the parables are better than others, and it is slightly uneven, but overall, it has a great message and is of great quality.

You may well already know everything he wants to share, but hearing these stories and reignite spirit and passion, and if this ideas are new to you, then you'll be charged and energised at the opportunities waiting for you.

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