1 August 2013

Coyote Tracks - Dear Recruiter

This. Multiple times each week.
So this letter isn’t as much a waste of your time as yours was of mine, I’d like to offer a new slogan for your firm, free of charge: “Matching miserable people with miserable jobs at miserable companies since  YEAR ." It has a nice ring to it, and it’s exclusively yours,  RECRUITER NAME  of  BUZZWORDS STRUNG TOGETHER INC !
Coyote Tracks - Dear Recruiter

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  1. My sister-in-law has worked for various pharmaceutical firms for over twenty years, as a lab staffer. Applying for her next job, her telephone interview yesterday was with an off-shore recruiter with an unintelligible accent. The place where she would be employed is about ten minutes from her home, but the prospective employer apparently doesn't care enough about her first impressions of the company to have an actual employee give her a call. And this is what happens when unemployment rates stay so high for so long: corporations start believing that we will gratefully take any offer, for any job, with even a plainly dysfunctional firm that puts no more thought into recruiting their next employee than they do into ordering a case of paper towels.