12 August 2013

Agile PM courses in Melbourne

I need your help.

I am involved in creating and delivering two courses for Agile Project Managers. I am hoping you can spread the word for me to help fill them with enthusiastic project managers.

Please pass these links on to your network.

Lean & Agile Project Management Using Scrum
The first is a one day advanced practitioner workshop with both Craig brown and Neil Killick. 
This one day workshop style event is the place to go for project and product managers to go if you have extensive experience with Agile projects and are looking to raise their performance even further.
This one day course runs on 30th August and is available from $499 and you can book at Eventbrite.

Agile Project Management master-class
The second, with potentially more widespread appeal is a course run by me in partnership with Swinburne University. It rolls into a Graduate Certificate in Business at the uni, and runs for 2 days. This course covers agile practices in general and then drills into planning and monitoring a project using agile practices and methods.

This 2 day course runs on 28 October and costs $1400. You can sign up at Swinburne's website.

Thanks in advance for passing this around.


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