5 June 2013

Collaboration. Dancing and Contributing.

This slide deck talks about Cockburn's article Collaboration: the Dance of Contribution. I put it together to bracket a pair of workshop activities that demonstrate some good leadership behaviours that will help your workplace be more collaborative.

  Alistair's article should be read to get his ideas without dilution from me.  You can read Collaboration: the Dance of Contribution here; 
  My take on this is that it is a when we mature into collaborators we are all leaders, and we need to make room for each other. To do that we need to become even better leaders by becoming more self aware and kinder to each other, while maintaining focus on getting things done.

  There is a story I sometimes use to illustrate the challenge of leadership; among equals.

  When travelling with friends you all defer to each other about where to eat. You pass by one restaurant after another in the hope that something magical will appear that pulls the whole crown in without you having to be the one that makes the decision.

  The place you hoped for never appears and you end up having microwaved food from a convenience store before heading back to the hotel.  If only we had a better way of stepping in and out of leadership roles…

  There is also a nice idea here that, as we mature in our ability to collaborate we can use metaphors like dancing instead of combat and sports to describe the way we work. Perhaps we need a whole new set of stories to be collaborators.

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