25 March 2013

What the world needs now is another (Agile) consultancy

It's been months of discussions, and litres of beer, wine and coffee, but finally we are doing it.  A number of colleagues of mine in the Melbourne Agile community are joining with me in starting a new (Agile) consulting business.

It is going to be called Tabar. It is a place for agile practitioners to come together and share.

We are going to do that whole modern agile business thing where it's a membership model.  In principle the organisation will be owned by the team.  Revenues will flow back. It's not certain how some of the details will play out, but the key thing is that the organisation is a community, and that it's main goal is to provide value to the community members.

Ben put it nicely when he said the value proposition is in people being connected to each other.

We have looked to Crisp and Happy Melly as examples. Our secret ambition is to have more people tell stories about our venture than these other teams. (Oops, not so secret now.) But really we look to these and similar companies as parts of a broader family more than competition.  The future of work lies in collaboration.

Why the (brackets) around the word? Because we don't want to be 'just' agile. We have a range of skills and insights tat we can bring. Agile is big in the market right now, and that community is how we know each other, but we also consider the agile toolkit broad, but not sufficient for all circumstances.  (For example, is Kanban without Scrum/XP agile?)

There is a much more comprehensive and coherent statement of what this is about, but you need to have it face to face.  Next time you see me, come and grab me or one of the other team members and we can explain it to you if you are interested.

We'll also declare this at upcoming community events, including Scrum Australia which is coming up in 2 weeks.


  1. I'll also be at the Scrum Conference if anyone want to talk to us about the community.. I think it's going to be a lot of fun! Ben.

  2. Anonymous2:10 pm

    Ben, I'd love to talk with you about it at Scrum Australia.

  3. I'll be there, too. I'm starting to get really fired up for this :)