11 March 2013

The (boring) UX and Agile discussion

I saw this article on UX strategy and Agile: Is UX Strategy fundamentally incompatible with Agile or Lean UX.

It's a reasonably well put together article, but I'll save you the trouble.  Apparently they aren't compatible.

I value UX. I worry about knowledge management and how hard it is in large organisations and communities.  UX is a form of knowledge management.  I struggle with agile in the enterprise. Agile is hard and enterprises like short-cuts. I think about these things and I try out experiments all the time. I want a better world.

Maybe I am in a grumpy mood, but it irks me when people put up a straw man and then argue their case.  It's a cheap debating tactic and I didn't like it when agile folks did it to project management and I don't like it when other practices do it here.

Let me unpack the argument a little more succinctly for you;

If you are sloppy with your work and you fail to think about the whole picture you will end up doing a shitty job.

Here is a picture comparing UX (strategy) and Agile and highlighting its issues of compatibility.

Genius, right?

Let's work together people. Stop trying to be the cleverest kid in the room.

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