4 March 2013

Spot check! (Audit yourself today)

Spot check!

Answer these questions for each of your projects? How do you feel about the answers? What will you do?
  • Do we have a defined goal for the program?
  • Is there any objective measure of success or failure?
  • Does each program have a goal and measure of success/failure?

  • Do we have a portfolio sponsor?
  • Does each Program have an owner/sponsor?
  • (are we all using the same language around sponsor and owner)
  • Does each program have a governance structure? eg steering committee and working group? Product owner?
  • Do programs require funding?
  • Is the program funded?
  • If not, is the sponsor championing the funding? Is it at risk?
  • Does the funding cover all costs?
  • What about operations costs?
  • Are there any hard deadlines?
  • Are there any cross project dependencies?
  • What is the value we can add to each program?
  • Have we discussed and agreed our contribution and role with the program?
  • Do we have an appropriate solution pathway?
  • Is there is a reliable system for delivery? Will anything get in it’s way?
  • What environmental and situational risks affect the programs?
  • What/how does a blocker get cleared for these teams?

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