18 March 2013

Five whats

You probably know the Five Whys. Challenge the assumptions by drilling in with more "Why?" questions. you might sound like a four year old but you'll push past superficial reasoning.

Can we level up this technique?

This Simon Sinek video is also pretty well known. "People don't buy what you do, the buy why you do it."  It explains a rationale about how our rational brain connects with the what, but our emotions connect with the why.

It's 5 minutes and quite compelling. Check it out.

But "Why" can be a pretty annoying question to ask, and can be difficult for many people in rational mindsets and analytic cultures to respond to. So how can we step our way up to why?

Ask yourself what do the people you are interviewing want to talk about. (See what I did there?)
And then you can ask how best to engage with them. (See that again?)

Once you have worked your way through this you'll be able to work you way up the question hierarchy Sinek talks about.

At this stage I get to check whether you watched the video. Did you hear how he said leaders think about the shy first? Research and discovery work needs you to engage with anyone, and so you sometimes need to start somewhere else.

So here are some "What questions to help you on your way;

  • What is it we are doing here?
  • What circumstances led to this? 
  • What if we stopped doing this? 
  • What does the customer think about this? 
  • What would mean we can move on from this?
All open ended, but all about the what.

How could you make this work for you?

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