4 December 2012

Where do good ideas come from?

In the 1990s I was studying where creativity comes from. As far as I can tell not much has changed in the area. It's the introduction of different ideas to each other to generate new insights. This video does a nice explanation of the idea.

The question for you and me, people in the business of designing business; how do we build this into the systems we design and influence?


  1. This video with John Cleese is also quite good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmY4-RMB0YY

    It is a bit old and I'm sure more research has been done int the field. But it is worth every minute.

  2. Thanks Klaus, it was great.

  3. Hi Craig,

    Cool video!

    I was wondering if you guys ever cover tools like web conferencing software that can be used for software developers? At Mikogo we've had a lot of positive responses from the software development sector - our screen-sharing platform is often used for both live collaboration between developers and online presentations with clients.

    Does this sound like something that could be of use to you? Or something that would interest your readers? Please let me know your thoughts. You can find more info here - http://www.mikogo.com/solutions/software-development/.


    Spencer Dunfee
    Mikogo Team

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