19 December 2012

The Science of persuasion

Yesterday Julian Sammy shared this video with his G+ network.

How to Persuade people? Here's the quick summary;
  • Reciprocity: Do things for other people before you ask them to do things for you
  • Scarcity: Scarce correlates to valuable. If it is always available and always free you are going to have a hard time charging for it. On the other hand, if it is only available to a select few, you encourage demand
  • Authority: Nobody comes to me and asks my opinion on fishing. Nobody.
  • Consistency: Creates a sense of reliability and encourages trust.
  • Liking: If you like me personally you are more willing to work with me for mutual gain. Are we similar in some way? Do we have shared interests? Do you feel valued and respected by me?
  • Consensus: The thing we are talking about has value for both of us.

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