10 August 2012

AT Task; Steer clear of this online project management software

*I may delete this post as I don't like to speak ill of others.*

From time to time we explore new software to support us in our jobs. Sometimes software is thrust upon us by well meaning technocrats that don't actually have to use it. Sometimes you join a company and it's the tool in use.

I'm sorry to say I had the displeasure of using AT TASK last year and I want to say that although I am sure they are working hard at making the product better and rolling out new and better services all the time I found using the product difficult to the degree I intervened and had the tool removed. I'll never tuch itr again and recommend you steer clear.

The failures I experienced were mostly due to reporting. It was laggy, and often reports timed out rather than yielding results. From a PM perspective it struck me as a poorer quality version of MS project, with uglier UI and many many instances where transactions would time out. The feature set is obvious and not special in any way.

Their sales people assured me at one point that the "next release' would sort all my performance issues out. It didn't. (That's when I shit-canned their product where I worked.)

Maybe it's better now, I couldn't say.  They seem like nice people with good intentions, but they don't deliver on what they say they will. I disliked using their product and wouldn't wish it on anyone else.

Oh, and another thing; when I called to cancel the product a month before the annual licence was due to be renewed - rather than take it honourably they pulled out the 3 month notice clause that said we had to give that much cancellation notice or be forced to renew (where were our legal team when we signed up!)

So after a bad user experience they screwed me again.

Don't buy this product. There are plenty of better and cheaper ones (even both at the same time) out there.

For the record; the prompt for writing this post was that, despite my explanations of my frustration with the product, and despite my obviously poor experience with them, I today received a spammy message from AT TASK asking me to let them guest post on this blog; An indication of their general lack of attention to detail and quality? Maybe.


  1. Did you choose another solution?

  2. @millenium

    The team now have a few options to pick from including MS Project and Agile Bench.

    Excel, Word and Powerpoint also play their part.

    As a general policy, remove tools that impede the team. Only apply standards to outcomes and where there is particular risk.

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