1 July 2012

Learning organisations

I really admire teams and organisations that value learning. Last Friday I had the good fortune to sit in two sessions where team mates shared lessons they have been learning with their colleagues.

The first was a brown bag session on current thinking around CRM tools and social media and hat it might mean for a university.  An interesting discussion that ended with the challenge to the non IT folk in the room to start thinking about how the organisation should adapt to these new opportunities (with the offer of our support.)  The people that came were thankful to the IT department for bringing up the issue and bringing people together.  There was much chatter as people headed off to the elevators.

After lunch some of the members of one of our agile software development teams presented a narrative of their 6 month agile journey. It was nice to hear the constant refrain of "we are just beginners" and "we have a lot to learn" peppered throughout the presentation. At the same time each of the three people's narration was  classic "benefits of agile" bundled with the importance of discipline. I couldn't have scripted it better.

Delivering product is nice, but collaboration and learning are the real success criteria.

The picture above come from one of Andrea's slides. A story map on day 0 and a week or two later; Pink notes for issues to be resolved; one of the stories torn in half to indicate it is now two stories, themed by process steps. Stickies changing as new information emerges. All very nice.

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