2 May 2012

The ULTIMATE business analysis technique

Agile Business Analysts

A Melbourne community meet-up group 
invite you to

Fight! The ultimate BA technique 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012, 6:00 PM 
Microsoft office, LVL5, 4 freshwater place, Melbourne 

At this month's Agile BA meet-up we share our favourite techniques and search for the ultimate technique - that's right; the one method to rule them all!

We will do this via a game. Teams will form and share their favourite techniques and methods, with examples of where they have been successful.

Teams will then pair off against other teams and present their favourite methods and challenge the other team with counter examples or questions. The rest of the room vote on the winner. We repeat this in a series of four to five rounds until a winner is found.

Along the way we hear lots of examples of where analysts have deployed successful techniques and hear what situations they may not work in as well.

Learning Objectives 
This is a fun interactive way to review a broad range of methods and techniques, to talk about them, and hear stories of when they have been successful in the field.

You bring
Your variety of experiences, an inquisitive mind and a pen and paper. Post it notes would also be good 

Audience level 
All levels of experience are welcome. Diversity of the whole room is what is most important. The call to action

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