16 February 2012

Daily Stand-up meetings | Doing it right

Summary: Go read this

When you go to agile training, read agile books and talk to agile practitioners they all have a common story.  The daily stand up (aka daily scrum) is a team tool to facilitate collaboration and understanding and to quickly identify and action risks and issues. Keep the meeting focused on the purpose and keep them short.

Time and again when consultants, coaches and trainers get together the share stories of stand-up meetings gone wrong. People get together for 45 minutes or more each day, issues are not identified and escalated out of the team.  People talk about stuff.

What goes wrong?
People never take the time to understand the purpose of the stand-up and you get cargo cult practices. Or people fall into old habits and don't realise they are wasting time and energy on doing it wrong.

Sometimes it less less tragic than other times, but there are still problems impeding the effectiveness of the session.

And sometimes, just occasionally, everything is fine with your team's stand-ups but you want to push your effectiveness boundaries just a little bit more. Or sometime you just want to help the team down the hall.

What do you do?
If you are me you refer them to the great article "It's not just standing up" by Jason Yip.  I am yet to find better.

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