11 January 2012

Stakeholder analysis

Stakeholder analysis tends to be an underdone activity in most projects.  There seem to be a number of reasons for this including social and technical ones.

Next month we are going to have a lunchtime session at work on stakeholder analysis so I did a little research on the topic and came up with a list of useful ideas.  They are posted below with some links.

I am thinking about:
  • What does stakeholder mean?
  • What boundary conditions help define who is and isn't a stakeholder
  • Why analyse stakeholders?
  • Techniques for identifying stakeholders?
  • Techniques for analysing stakeholders?
Frameworks & thinking models


  1. A project management lecturer once joked to a class I was in that 'a stakeholder is anyone holding a stake'. It didn't resonate with me much at the time, but now I'm always looking out for those people who are going to come into the picture and potentially cause some grief, or who needed to be included sooner.

    In the consulting environment I currently work in there is limited time for stakeholder analysis, so what I tend to do at a minimum is to include a RACI matrix in the communications plans and, critically, at least capture people's annual leave dates. Rare is a project not impacted by someone going on leave.

  2. Hi, a project management lecturer once I heard, said "the PM's wife could be a stakeholder".
    After a moment o fseeing our faces, he said: "Hey, if you are arriving home every day at 11pm, dont you think she is going to use her influence? or, dont you think she is being affected by the project.?".
    That put me to think for a while...