3 January 2012

Case study: Visualise workflow

Melbourne City Silhouette

James led a project team that was to investigate and address improvement opportunities for the online sales channel for a financial services organisation. The sales process was mapped and charts put up on the wall of the call centre, where most of the back office work was done.

Subject matter experts from the call centre were asked to inspect and comment on the chart, and to nominate suggestions and improvements. The analysts stood back and made o recommendation. Their contribution to the conversation was to elaborate and explain the diagrams and their notations, and to make corrections as frontline staff observed variations between the model and reality.

The operators identified several bottlenecks and activities that yielded little more than customer or staff frustration. The analysts captured the issues and documented them, later reporting them back via updated models.

By the time the documents had arrived two weeks later the frontline team had already taken action to streamline their process and optimise it for customer experience. Sales had already risen and without any further action the project could well have been called a success.

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