18 October 2011

User Story training

I am offering another round of my "Introduction to User Stories" course.

The first round received very good feedback from the pilot participants.  As a result I am making a few minor changes, but essentially it remains the same.  The next course is available to sign on here (for the bargain price of $45.)

I feel I have to explain the relatively cheap price.  My motivation is to share knowledge and cover my costs.  This rate will almost cover the cost of the time I put in to monitor the course and provide feedback to the activities embedded in the modules.  I want it to be as cheap as possible because I want people to have access to good quality information.

The content, if delivered face to face would go for about a day and would be a course worth about $600 per head, so frankly it is a bargain.

If you are in Australia I can deliver this as a one day session - just give me a call or email.

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