30 October 2011

#Lean case studies... Stand on the shoulders of giants

Here is six case studies presented so you can learn lessons from others. two sets of three cases.

Part 1
  • Build It and They Will Come - David Joyce
  • Scheduling work in Kanban - Sami Honkonen
  • Pitfalls of a large kanban implementation - Jasper Sonnevelt 

Case Studies from AGILEMinds on Vimeo.

Part 2

  • Kanban at Cisco - Ken Power 
  • Transitioning from Traditional to Agile in a Small ISV Setting - Mahesh Singh - Sudipta Lahiri 
  • Ericsson Finland Agile and Lean Transformation, Experiences and Learnings - Henri Kivioja

Case Studies from AGILEMinds on Vimeo.

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