23 October 2011

Jason Yip on IT Operations #Kanban #Lean

The Lean / Central Europe / conference was held last week.  A number of presentations have been published to the web.  To help you keep up, and digest what went on I a going to help out by publishing a bunch of presentations - one per day for the rest of this week

The first I'll bring to your attention is Jason Yip of Sydney on IT operations.

Jason Yip - Kanban for IT Operations from AGILEMinds on Vimeo.

The major problem that IT Ops teams face is the one that Kanban is well-designed to solve: No one can see (and therefore don't understand) the work that they do. Because of this lack of visibility, teams are overloaded, priorities are questionable and/or unclear, and most activity is non-strategic firefighting.

I will show how to use Kanban for better management of IT Operations as well as setup the conditions necessary for continuous improvement.

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