25 October 2011

Dave Snowden challenges assumptions #Lean #CAS Theory

Dave is in Melbourne (and other pats of Australia) next week. this is worth watching. For me an appealing point is his suggesting systems thinking is a modern day Taylorism.

This is also particularly useful for some of our Business Analyst readers, as he has some techniques mentioned for managing requirements in complex and changing environments.


Dave Snowden - Practice without sound theory will not scale from AGILEMinds on Vimeo.
Agile methods in general have arise from a mixture of sound practice and good principles, but they lack an over all theory. Complexity Science, coupled with insights from the Cognitive Sciences challenges the basic assumptions of systems thinking and idealist uses of "self-organisation" alike. This presentation will provide an overview of CAS, and more specifically the Cynefin framework which has been widely adopted within the AGILE Community. It will examine the critical role that constraints play in allowing evolution to take place in systems and the implications for team formation, requirements capture and project monitoring. Fundamentally it will challenge a purely engineering approach to systems involving human agency. It will focus on effectiveness, not efficiency and resilience not robustness.

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