8 August 2011

Change #1

As you know I signed up for a new job recently.  In week 1 I met the team and a  few stakeholders.  Then I went away for a week to PMOZ.  Today, my first day of week 2 I broke down and implemented my first system change.  I thought I would share it here.

Change #1 was a horizontal line on a whiteboard with a series of marks representing the fortnights between now and December 30.  I then asked the project managers to turn up and place post-it notes onto the board with significant deliverables and activities from their projects.

This will likely be a catalyst for a portfolio (of about 8 projects) stand-up meeting where we look ahead into the immediate future and focus on risks and issues and face them collectively.

We'll see what happens.

The important think is that it is a small change.


  1. Multiple projects... sounds like some "Cascade" may be in order...

  2. New job, small changes, these are good things. Massive overhaul in your second week would be painful to you and the team. Sounds quite big and complex... good luck!