20 May 2011

What if our whole world view of project management is wrong, Redux

This is in response to a recent comment from Will on a 2008 post called "What if our whole world view of project management is wrong?"

There is a conversation going on among some of the agile thought leaders about replacing the project paradigm with product management.

If the world of software development shifts to many small projects (e.g. a week or two long) the 'unique endeavor' thing fades away and software development becomes operational.

The human side of projects - change management can also become operational by getting the business stakeholders to also adopt the cadence of small releases.

There is still plenty of room for project management - on things that really are unique and special.

But project management has been applied in many instances where it has been effective in resolving unmanaged chaos, but has in fact been the wrong solution for the problem.

FYI - Will pointed me to a new Dr Whitty post on Youtube. Always worth a watch.

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