17 May 2011

Event for Melbourne Business Analysts

David Joyce of Thoughtworks is leading a discussion on Process Mapping called "A Better Method for Improving the Work & Making Changes That Stick."

The abstract;
Traditional Process mapping that gathers people in a room to talk about how something works, rather than study from a knowledge creating point of view, produces little of value.
Process redesigns created by “experts” who then cascade their solutions to the workers simply creates resistance.
Many process improvement projects either end in failure, or don't stick, because we haven't tackled the thinking that created the problems in the first place.
I will discuss the need to reveal the thinking behind the current work design, and suggest a better method for introducing change. I will introduce an alternative method called Systems Thinking Process Mapping and show an example of its usage in one of the largest UK banks.
The event is Tuesday 7th June, 6pm.  It will be held in a CBD office.  You can get the details from the meet-up page here.

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