27 May 2011

Anticipate change, and plan for it too

Okay, scope changes. We got that.  And now we have some baselines that help us anticipate change.  But forget the scope increase back to our original chart.  What else is wrong here?

Teams don’t have a uniform productivity rate.

For one thing, our estimates on work will have been wrong and some easy things will have turned out to be harder than expected, and less frequently, some hard things will have turned out easier.

Another thing is that teams don’t deliver at a constant rate. People get sick, people get tired, people leave the team and get replaced, people have other things that take their focus away from their job.

All sorts of things happen to us to make us less that uniformly consistent like a machine. The most important one is that we are born human.

So let me show you a real example of one of these charts.
Blue is total requirements size.  Red is work remaining and green is work completed.  Tracking this data is very do-able using the tools you have today.

More tomorrow.

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