13 April 2011

Project Initiation and Scrum

I gave a talk to a combined Melbourne Scrum Users Group/ACS Lean/Agile sig. It was an interesting and diverse group with a few experienced scrum users and a handful of old hand consultant/pm types interspersed among many inexperienced people.  As a result the talk had to accommodate some Scrum 101 stuff and shortchange the more difficult initiation content.

Overall, it went longer than planned with me talking for a bit over an hour instead of a concise 10-15 minutes.    I also got some good feedback regarding use of metaphors (Almost nobody knew Othello) and trying to close my narrative with a stronger finale.

In the end it went well, and I hope I get some feedback from the audience via the meetup site and ACS website.

Slide deck below, and you bloggers & commentators out there - remember it's all about the context, and there are no absolute answers.  I'd love to hear your stories about project initiation in all forms and shapes.

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