13 April 2011

Project Initiation and Scrum

I gave a talk to a combined Melbourne Scrum Users Group/ACS Lean/Agile sig. It was an interesting and diverse group with a few experienced scrum users and a handful of old hand consultant/pm types interspersed among many inexperienced people.  As a result the talk had to accommodate some Scrum 101 stuff and shortchange the more difficult initiation content.

Overall, it went longer than planned with me talking for a bit over an hour instead of a concise 10-15 minutes.    I also got some good feedback regarding use of metaphors (Almost nobody knew Othello) and trying to close my narrative with a stronger finale.

In the end it went well, and I hope I get some feedback from the audience via the meetup site and ACS website.

Slide deck below, and you bloggers & commentators out there - remember it's all about the context, and there are no absolute answers.  I'd love to hear your stories about project initiation in all forms and shapes.


  1. The audience was different to expected? How so?

    Last month I met about 15 people, most of which had substantial in an agile software development context.

    This time there were project managers and some scrum folk there, but due to the ACS sig and the associated PD points there were about 25+ Agile novices in the room, so I had to split the focus of my talk into two aspects.

    I am not sure how it went from the audience perspective, but I gave a cursory scrum 101 n the middle and tended to linger on some basic points where I had otherwise planned on a much more interactive talk about the more advanced and difficult topic of project initiation.

    Ce la vie, right?

    I kind of like the ad hoc-ness of it anyway. It tests me out as a speaker.

  2. Thanks for the sharing

  3. Sorry I couldn't attend this meeting. Any plans for a re-run?