15 March 2011

Why I'm a Business Analyst

If you've been reading my posts on this blog for long, you know that I tend to focus more on the 'soft' side of business analysis than on the hard skills. As passionate as I am about learning and being able to correctly apply the skills and tasks that make business analysts effective, I am a lot more passionate about the impact good business analysis has on our teams, companies and, if you'll allow me to be a bit dramatic, the world.

I don't know if Apple employs many (or any) business analysts. I do know they employ many amazing designers and developers who may not realize they use excellent BA skills. If you haven't played with an iPad, you really need to. If someone will let you borrow one (provided you can pry it out of their hands long enough) then I suggest you use it for work for a few days. It can change the way you work; I know it changed how I work.

But more so, I see good business analysis making an impact exactly like what you see in this video below. I hope it inspires you as it did me.


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  2. Anonymous12:45 pm

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