22 March 2011

Melbourne Scrum/Agile Meet-ups

Agile Business Analysts in Melbourne
On 29th March we'll be hosting an "Agile BA" meet-up in Melbourne.  It's a new group and it's designed to be a peer led discussion and learning group.  There haven't been any meetings yet and this will be the first time that I know of that a group will meet-up to discuss the specifics of the BA's part in the agile way of life.  Details here.

Scrum Meet-up
On the 13th of April there is a Scrum Meet-up scheduled.  (Details here.  No location yet.)  Again, it's mostly a self directed learning group, although some additional agendas were discussed last month.  This group looks like it is made up of a collection of coders, testers, analysts and project managers.  Some have extensive backgrounds working with Scrum, and some are new.

This group also wrote up a backlog of things they'd (we'd!) like to discuss.  You can read it here.  Contact the owner if you'd like to get access to add new things.

Other events
There are more, particularly the Lean groups, but I am not involved or planning to attend.  You can look them up yourself if you have a specific flavour you are seeking.

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