8 March 2011

Melbourne Scrum Training

Last week at the Melbourne scrum meet-up many people talked about their desire to find good ways to implement scrum into their environments.  It will probably be a recurring theme over the next few months.

I was just on the email thingy with Rowan Bunning and he's got a CSM training course in Melbourne next week.  I personally found it a good course to help me with a scrum implementation so I recommend it.

You need to have an integrated understanding of the basics before you can really make this stuff work for you, and the chances are that a few conversations with people in a structured context is going to do that a lot better than books and blog posts.

I don't get paid or receive any benefit from Rowan for mentioning his course.  I mention it because I genuinely believe it can help you in increasing your performance at work.

As Shim might say: Think about it!

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  1. I knew I should have put a copy-write on it.