18 February 2011

On blogging with Josh Nankivel of PM Student

Josh writes the PM student. Over the years his blog has evolved out of the depths of dealing with code and small project teams to focus on bigger issues like managing stakeholder expectations, getting team focused on the right things, estimating and measuring and all the stuff that differentiates project management the job from project management the activity.

What's the most important thing you've learned in the last 5 years of blogging?

That the more you give of yourself to others, the more you get back. I have gained so much by sharing my time and ideas with others. When people send me email or tweets to let me know I helped them in some way, even helped them land a job or turn around a troubled project, it makes all of my time and effort worth it and then some.

Why are you still blogging on project management?

Because I am passionate about this topic. This is one of those areas of disciplines where people doing it wrong can really screw things up, and people doing it right can really make a difference. As long as I have students wanting to learn from me and fellow project managers wanting to read my articles and comment on my blog, I'll keep at it.

What do you think you'll be blogging about in 5 years? (And will you still be going?)

I imagine I will still be helping new and aspiring project managers reach their career goals. I will still be focused on trying to advance the state of project management by focusing on those people I'm most passionate about helping, the newcomers.

What's the biggest social media mistake you've made?

Trying to automate too much and not being human. I've experimented with some of the snazzy 'internet marketing' tools and have abandoned most of them. There's nothing better than just pulling up your twitter account and reading stuff from real people, and responding to them.

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