19 February 2011

On blogging with Glen Alleman of Herding Cats

Glen works in a different context to the one I do, so it's always interesting to hear his perspective on how to run projects.  There are similarities and differences, and that's what makes the pm discussion never-ending!  Glen challenges and wants to be challenged.  He's very active not just on his own blog but in the comments of many others.

What's the most important thing you've learned in the last 5 years of blogging? 

Well formed ideas take a lot more work than I originally thought. 1 out of 10 posted has significant impact. Others are interesting and some or just place holders. Writing everyday forces thoughtful consideration of what people want to hear about. Write about what I know best, stay focused on core knowledge. Use more pictures. Get good ideas from other bloggers.

Why are you still blogging on project management/Business Analysis? 

“I write to learn what I don’t know about” was a quote from long ago.

What do you think you'll be blogging about in 5 years? (And will you still be going?) 

Yes I’ll still be blogging. There is a vast amount of information needed to success. Few have come to grips of this. Projects and programs are growing more complex and the processes and tools are not up to the task.

What's the biggest social media mistake you've made?

Getting into discussions with those interested in winning an argument rather than having a conversation.

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