20 February 2011

On blogging with Bas de Baar

And the final post in this series; the birthday boy.  Bas is mainly interested in how we as humans are affected by our workplaces and the tools and systems we use.  His blog began as SoftwareProjects.org, then becamse ProjectShrink.com and now he is working under his own name at BasDeBaar.com.  You'll see why below.

What's the most important thing you've learned in the last 5 years of blogging?

Ask yourself difficult questions and try to answer them. Be original. Look for answers in the non-obvious places.

Why are you still blogging on project management?

The purpose of the blog. Why am I writing?

For me it’s a personal thing. I want to sharpen my mind around this riddle: how can we run projects in a virtual and global environment by focusing on social interactions? It’s about being able to combine sociology, psychology, management, leadership, project management, communication and everything else that comes to mind in one fluent motion, in any context.

Still my questions aren't answered. Still not a "big picture" overview.

What do you think you'll be blogging about in 5 years? (And will you still be going?)

I will be writing and creating media about how tech and globalization influences our identity and vice versa.

What's the biggest social media mistake you've made?

Not taken it seriously 10 years ago. Putting "project" in my blog name. Limits your area.

(Craig: Hmmmm....)

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