13 February 2011

Old School Project Bloggers

I was speaking to Bas de Baar the other day and he mentioned that it is his blog's 5th birthday.  5 years of blogging is no mean feat.  I started this one in August 2005 myself so I know it can be hard.

Anyway, the conversation got me thinking back to the days when finding project management or business analyst blogs was hard to do.  Now my RSS reader has HUNDREDS of feeds on project related content.

The first few project blogs that I discovered are still blogs that I regularly read and I want to share them with you;

I thought I'd ask and post a series of questions to and answers from these guys about their blog, blogging and project management.  So each day this week, I'll post the Q&A from these guys.  Feel free to jump into the questions and ask more questions, they guys will check in and see what you've written.

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