12 February 2011

Enterprise and Start-ups speak different languages

Jason Yip and I exchanged a few words on a twitter about the value of process over mission.

His question; Why should an organisation transition from mission focus to process centric.
My response; process creates stability as your mean quality per person lowers.
His response; Especially if you focus on growth at the expense of mission.


Even if you do stay on Mission you may well end up with thousands of employees and you then need integration tools, and process is one such tool.

Are there others that work at scale?

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  1. Hi Craig,

    I find that there are three stages:

    1) Small Enterprise (like a start-up)
    2) Medium Enterprise
    3) Large Enterprise (tens of thousands of people, distributed globally)

    Processes become required when an organization grows to be too large to interact "directly" but yet still requires consistent and repeatable delivery of services. There are books on topics like "magic number theory" for human interaction, that point to a tipping point of the number of people that can effectively get work done without formal processes. Beyond that number, processes become mandatory, which (to your point) ties to the reduction in your mean quality per person.