22 February 2011

Business Analyst World 2011

I've submitted a speaker proposal for BA World 2011 at Bangalore about measuring requirements and their impact on project scope.  So it's with some self interest that I want to inform you that the gates are open.  Buy your tickets now.  It's on May 26-27th.

My presentation is about using measurements to help manage requirements, and how this assists in scope control on projects.  The Abstact for the proposal is available on the BA World website.  

I've also submitted this to PMOZ (Sydney), and the pitch to PM's is oriented slightly differently;
"Business analysts elicit and define project requirements.  Solution teams respond with a proposal.  There is your project scope.  Now deliver to it. 
One of the most commonly cited reason for project schedule and budget blowouts is poorly defined requirements.  How can you manage your requirements in a way that reduces risk, and becomes measurable and manageable?"
Here is your opportunity to help me.  What do you think is important?  What are the key themes and essential techniques I should include?  All advice is welcome.

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