22 January 2011

My BA World 2011 Proposal is in

I have submitted a presentation for the BA World and PMOZ conferences this year. The BA World version is titled "Requirements and Project Scope. Managing requirements to achieve project success."

The story is around how measuring requirements variations will help you in two ways; you'll better understand  the likely project scope change cross your project portfolio, and you'll be able to spot requirements churn and take appropriate action.

I chose the topic because I wanted to better understand it.  I already have books on order from Capers Jones, Mike Cohn and others.  I also have a couple of case studies and I am in the process of asking RM tool vendors if they have data they can share. Anything you guys care to recommend to me?

Also - I am particularly excited as I signed up to the Bangalore BA World in addition to the Australian ones.  I hope my paper gets accepted and I get to go visit the city.

Requirements change over time. Any project that runs over significant time will have it's requirements change. Stakeholders and analysts learn more about the problem at hand, gain a better understanding of the product being developed or need to respond to a changing context.

How can you manage and measure your requirements so that you anticipate change and advise your project team mates and stakeholders of what is to come?

Come along, listen to this talk and then we'll run some exercises to help you understand the techniques involved.

By the way, your project sponsor and project manager will love you after you've adopted these techniques.

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