7 January 2011

The 7 Stages of Project Manager Expertise

Last month I shared with you the results of a meeting I had with Shim investigating a model of bloggers as mentors.  He shared his perspective on Quantum Leap.

On his blog her references an article from 1998 called "The seven stages of expertise in software engineering" in which the author (Meilir Page-Jones) reflects on some lessons about why their consultancy can't get clients to stick with disciplined approaches to software engineering.

The seven levels in tis article are
  • Innocent, 
  • Exposed, 
  • Apprentice, 
  • Practitioner,
  • Journeyman, 
  • Master and 
  • Expert
The first and second don't really appear to be practitioners.  More the people we do software engineering or project management to.  You'll need to go read the article to get the descriptions. The article itself is quite funny as well as insightful and you should thanks Shim for highlighting it.

Okay, read it now. Bye, and see you next post.


  1. This reminds me of the seven steps to heaven used by PA consulting

    1) Basic knowledge
    2) basic processes
    3) Control ed environment
    4) consistent performance
    6) Adapt and flexibility
    7) Agile maturity

    They apply this to the organisation not just the individual.