8 December 2010

Blueprint Requirement Centre

I am in the market for a new Requirements Management tool.  Important things for me; web hosted, an easy UI and the ability to trace requirements from goals, through processes and into requirements, at multiple levels of detail.

I have used many applications in the past and so far my favorite tend to be low end and easy to use.  Later versions of Visio are neat with the ability to export to XML, but I don't want to go down that path today.

I took a look at Blueprint's Requirements Centre via a demo on their website and it's feature rich, but the UI looks a little scary.

Even the user experience at the website was tough.  I guess that's part and parcel of doing business in the enterprise.  (I reckon Blueprint sales are only partly driven by the website experience anyway, so how important is it really?)

Grumble grumble... It looks like a good tool when you look at the feature list but what's the learning curve?  I have had this experience with Optimal Trace recently and don't want to go through a series of sales and marketing activities just to learn a tool.

Anyone out there using Blueprint? Or OT, or anything else?  Which tools suck and which ones are great?

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