8 December 2010

Blueprint Requirement Centre

I am in the market for a new Requirements Management tool.  Important things for me; web hosted, an easy UI and the ability to trace requirements from goals, through processes and into requirements, at multiple levels of detail.

I have used many applications in the past and so far my favorite tend to be low end and easy to use.  Later versions of Visio are neat with the ability to export to XML, but I don't want to go down that path today.

I took a look at Blueprint's Requirements Centre via a demo on their website and it's feature rich, but the UI looks a little scary.

Even the user experience at the website was tough.  I guess that's part and parcel of doing business in the enterprise.  (I reckon Blueprint sales are only partly driven by the website experience anyway, so how important is it really?)

Grumble grumble... It looks like a good tool when you look at the feature list but what's the learning curve?  I have had this experience with Optimal Trace recently and don't want to go through a series of sales and marketing activities just to learn a tool.

Anyone out there using Blueprint? Or OT, or anything else?  Which tools suck and which ones are great?


  1. Anonymous3:29 am

    I do IT QA for a small non-profit in a regulated environment (FDA plus other accrediting agencies), and I'm investigating RM/ALM tools myself in order to help us increase traceability, improve requirements definition consistency, etc.

    I just downloaded the free version of QPack, which is no picnic, and I'm just getting started using it. It's not very intuitive so far, and the interface is quite dated. However, since it's free and since it's designed to produce FDA-friendly documentation, I'm going to continue to try it out. Once I've had a real chance to get to know the tool, I'll post here. I'll be closely following any comments and discussions of RM tools that happen here.

    Thanks for keeping this blog.

  2. Anonymous4:10 am

    Honestly it is fa reasier to use other methods or find an application that is more robust to the end user (typically the BA). I find it clunky and slow. Also very difficult to formulate the actual document in a clear concise manner. Sure, once you have gotten through the tough part of actually plugging your requirements in... you must have licenses for the software to be of any use to other users in your company. I do not recommend this for faster pace or agile platforms as it takes way to much time to work through the interface. Simple Word Document is much more flexible for changes and working at a fast pace. I have not even mentioned change requests... keep moving on this product. Its not what it is cracked up to be from a productivity standpoint.