30 November 2010

We've all got our own schedule problems!

Gene Roddenberry talks about tight deadlines and the lessons he learned in the early days of Start Trek in this letter from the wonderful website "Letters of Note"
Now, about the length of the pilot, etc. I agree it should be shorter and should be paced differently. It's my fault that it wasn't since I let myself be swayed by an arbitrary delivery date and did not take a day off and then look freshly at the whole picture before it went to negative cutting. This will not happen again. In future, of the two risks, I will risk violating contract provisions rather than sending out product readied only through weeks of sixteen hour a day fatigue. Where the agency can help here is early in the planning of a pilot, leaning hard on the network in those primary stages where they waste three, four and five weeks getting back to you with approvals on this and that. This plays a very large part in ending up with production dates which are bound to create problems.
Click through to the website to see the whole letter.

Note how he took ownership of the problem and articulated his personal solution.  Nice one Gene!

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