17 November 2010

Lead by example

How can the team know what is right or wrong if you don't lead by example?  What are some simple and concrete things we can do with our team mates to help set the tone?  If I were to hand you a checklist it might look something like this;
  • Set clear priorities
  • Deliver the right sense of urgency to the team
  • Be clear about accountabilities
  • Encourage people to escalate problems quickly
  • Clearly define the qualify standards you are working to
  • Discuss the ethics and values that you and the team have
  • Identify barriers to cooperation
But these are the things that are important to me and are based on my experiences and values.  What's your list?


  1. Anonymous6:55 am

    I would add: a good balance between work and personal life (if this is about leading by example), challenge yourself / set individual goals, and set expectations for communication between team members.

  2. Good addition. Life isn't all babout productivity!