18 October 2010

A note to my team

Here is a  note I published to my team about a year ago.  Maybe it's of interest.

For the most part the paperwork we use on our team is focused around quality management.

We have PBI QA checklists, SBI checklists, soon we'll have a sprint plan QA checklist, and maybe a QA checklist for accepting PBIs into sprint planning.

We also have some paperwork around the eCAB process to give confidence to IT that we are not cowboys deploying any old thing.

These internal artefacts - the QA checklists and related pieces are there to support you in getting as close to the right solution first time around.

One day we may abandon some or all of these paper practices, but not until we can all demonstrate reliable on-time delivery of consistently high quality outputs.

In the meantime, look at the QA sheets as tools to help you do a better job. If you can, improve them as we go.

Things changed, but that was a message that was important at one time for this team.

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