3 September 2010

pernicious relativism and logical positivism

We say that Project Management is about getting things done, which means that at the end of the day pragmatism beats all methodologies and theoretical models.

Just what is pragmatism? And why does this approach to work bring so many of us into conflict in the workplace?

It's been called 'pernicious relativism' by some and logical positivism by others. It seems to me that pragmatists are about getting on with things, but we operate in a world of people who seek 'one best way' to get things done. Maybe there is one, maybe there isn"t.

Maybe the important thing to do is try something and improve on it.  And here we see the link between pragmatists and empiricists.  As we start to deal with empriricism we start to migrate back to the idea of a theoretical "one best way"

Once again I find myself in need of the consultant's quadrants.... Pragmatism and philosophizing.  Theory and pragmatism aren't opposites, they're orthogonal. And just where is the sweet spot between theory and pragmatism?

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