11 August 2010

Scrum 18 months on

I have been with my current team for just over 2 years.  I was hired to bring in a troubled project using agile techniques (likely scrum.)

We started out together in state where we weren't really ready to switch across fully, but the team were already applying some scrum/agile practices and making some headway against the systemic problems that had held them back in the past.

It was January last year when we went across to vanilla scrum and started following the manual by the book.  Soon after we kicked this off we added a bunch of quality related practices from the agile play book and the team continued over time to become more and more effective.

Tomorrow (as I write) I am having a session with the team revisiting the basics of scrum for two reasons; the project has changed and so has the team.  While there is nobody new on the team we have lost some people at the end of the last project and there is some uncertainty about roles and goals in our new context.

So - a refresher, not an intro to scrum.

The below deck contains some talking points, some exercises and some worksheets that I am going to use to see where we need to change.

If you find it interesting I'd love to hear your comments.  If you have had a similar session with your team I am also very interested to hear how it went.

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