12 July 2010

Nerds of a feather - Central Coast Techie meet-up

I live on the Central Coast of NSW Australia.

It's an area known more for beautiful parks and beaches that awesome IT teams and enterprise project management.  

I have had the same conversation three times in the last week revolving around the desire for a regular community event in the area for I.T. or consulting types to get together and share knowledge and experience.

This post is a call out to anyone in the area who is interested in a regular meet-up.  A couple of guys in my team and I will be hosting a monthly event starting August and if you are able to make it YOU are invited.

The first event will be Tuesday 17 August, at a location yet to be identified.

So - Central Coast IT workers - hear the call.

If you work at Belkin, Staffware/Tibco, Any of the large government offices (local, state and national), Sanitarium, Ashtons Scholastic, Masterfoods or at a small boutique web firm we'd love to hear from you.


  1. Craig,

    If Bill is going so am I!

    Seriously, Montreal being a bit far away, I'll wait and look you nerds up if I make it to your neck of the woods. Meanwhile I'll keep enjoying the blog.